El cocinero de Damasco Barcelona

El Cocinero de Damasco: el auténtico sabor de Oriente Medio

El Cocinero de Damasco: Disfruta del Sabor de Oriente Medio en Barcelona

Shawarma y Falafel: Delicias Árabes en el Corazón del Born

Ubicado en el corazón del Born, El Cocinero de Damasco es el lugar ideal para disfrutar del auténtico sabor de Oriente Medio en Barcelona. Este veterano restaurante halal se ha ganado una excelente reputación gracias a sus recetas tradicionales y el esmero en la preparación.

El Shawarma: Un Sabor Único

El plato estrella del Cocinero de Damasco es el shawarma hecho con carne de pavo marinada en una mezcla secreta de especias y cocinada lentamente en un trompo vertical. Los comensales alaban la jugosidad, el punto justo de cocción y los sutiles toques de canela que lo hacen único. También ofrecen deliciosos falafel caseros, considerados los mejores de la ciudad por su textura crujiente por fuera y jugosa por dentro y también el Hummus

Artesanalidad y Calidad

Todo se elabora artesanalmente en el local con ingredientes frescos y de calidad. El propietario, un cocinero originario de Damasco, atiende personalmente a los clientes mientras prepara los platos con mimo en su cocina abierta. Su amabilidad y sus curiosas historias completan la experiencia de comer en este singular restaurante.

El cuiner de damasc: La espera que Vale la Pena

Hay que tener paciencia porque cada shawarma se cocina al momento y todo se elabora a la vista de los comensales. Pero la espera, por larga que sea, siempre vale la pena según coinciden los visitantes. Probar la auténtica cocina árabe en un entorno tan singular no tiene precio.

Un Viaje a los Zocos de Oriente Medio en Barcelona

Con su ambiente oriental, su cocina casera y su atención personalizada, El Cocinero de Damasco o el cuiner de Damasc transporta a los comensales a los zocos de Oriente Medio sin salir de Barcelona. Los amantes de la buena comida halal coinciden en que es una experiencia gastronómica que no te puedes perder.

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Reseñas del Cocinero de Damasco

El Cuiner de Damasc
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Julia MJulia M
19:19 29 Jun 24
This place is what you call a hidden jewel of Gotic quarter. Best shawarma that I ever had and unique atmosfere and attitude. 10 stars out of 5
Julia KorJulia Kor
13:36 26 Jun 24
15:30 already closed on weekdays. I went here across the whole city, focusing on working hours from Google maps
Svyatoslav BelozerovSvyatoslav Belozerov
12:48 26 Jun 24
Marta Garcia CrespoMarta Garcia Crespo
06:57 25 Jun 24
Spectacular! Super good! The best shawarma I've ever had!Follow me @buenplansi on Instagram 😃
It is a very familiar place with many years in the neighborhood, the owner is older, Syrian and charming. They make 4 things but very well made and homemade, you can eat in or take away, pay attention to their schedules. recommendable
Gustavo PereiraGustavo Pereira
14:48 30 May 24
Incredible food, fair prices, and above all unforgettable treatment, fantastic people!
The best without a doubt
Gonzalo BermúdezGonzalo Bermúdez
18:37 26 May 24
Estefania GonzalezEstefania Gonzalez
19:10 25 May 24
Today I went to try these famous Shawarmas, and they well deserve the fame.Plus the super friendly owners.The waiting was worth it.Highly recommended place, good quality and everything clean, even though it is an old place.I will repeat without a doubt.Thank you 🙂
Milagros Garcia NietoMilagros Garcia Nieto
14:42 10 May 24
The best shawarma in Barcelona.. you feel at home
Javi AbadiasJavi Abadias
12:10 03 May 24
Fernando IglesiasFernando Iglesias
13:31 27 Apr 24
Excellent, like twenty years ago!
Carolina FinetteCarolina Finette
12:18 26 Apr 24
The food is good, but wouldn’t wait so long again for it. Also the guy preparing was rude, he called my friend fat more than once during the 2 min conversation we had. She was really upset and we were surprised because many reviews mentioned how “nice” the staff was. Wouldn’t recommend…
Jesus GraciaJesus Gracia
14:12 20 Apr 24
The truth is that it is very good. You have to wait in line for 1 hour. The cook is very nice. Go with patience
Alessia ApicellaAlessia Apicella
13:08 17 Apr 24
Juan Martín LusiardoJuan Martín Lusiardo
06:39 09 Apr 24
The special shawarma (meat) is the best I have eaten to date in Barcelona. If there is a long line you may have to wait 30 minutes. We had to wait 1 hour because someone ordered shawarmas for an entire birthday beforehand. I didn't like that at 2:30pm they close the windows and that the preparer is talking over the ingredients all the time.
Jan Rodriguez GuellJan Rodriguez Guell
13:20 04 Apr 24
Simply the best kebab in Spain. The food is simply spectacular and is very varied, the quality of the food is impeccable. The service is fast and easy, it's very nice to order as they are hyper respectful. The place is very authentic and beautiful, you feel in Türkiye thanks to its architecture and details. Just looking at the exterior you can already see the magnificent quality of this business.
Franco Di MaioFranco Di Maio
11:37 31 Mar 24
The food and the attention of the people are excellent, they make you feel comfortable and they cook very deliciously and at the same time, the place is beautiful but kind of dark with everything closed, it would be very beautiful if they let the light in.
Manuel LezamaManuel Lezama
00:20 24 Feb 24
Marta DiazMarta Diaz
17:12 22 Feb 24
The Shawarma is delicious, the falafel: the best I have ever eaten and the service has been excellent, especially Salem.I recommend trying the cupcakes and especially the coconut one with cashews.Essential visit in Barcelona.
Bassel TabbalBassel Tabbal
13:40 22 Feb 24
Natalia PérezNatalia Pérez
13:22 22 Feb 24
Excellent! Both the food and the cook. You can not ask for more.
felix stragafelix straga
21:57 17 Feb 24
I had been wanting to try this place, since I had heard that it was the best shawarma in Barcelona.My experience was bittersweet…When I arrived (2:45 pm) there were about 12 people in line to order (2 inside the restaurant and 10 outside), so it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to wait for my turn…The service is very very slow, there were only 2 people serving; At least what's slow about them is that they're friendly because the service is very close and they were very friendly, but I didn't really want to go back, there is no food worth 1 hour of waiting in a standing line.As for it being the best shawarma... I don't know if it is the best (personally I think not) but I did think it was very very good, the meat was super rich and with a lot of flavor.I don't regret having had the experience of trying it.If I am in the nearby neighborhood and I am passing through and there is no line, then yes I would order, but since there are 5 people in line you already know that you will wait about 30 minutes... and for me that is a pretty bad experience.I gave them 4 stars because it was delicious, good value for money and they were very friendly (but I think that because of the waiting time I should give them 2 stars).
Xavier BeltranXavier Beltran
14:28 08 Feb 24
Best ever, incredible shawarma and falafelDelicious hummus
The restaurant is located in the Gothic quarter behind Plaça de Sant Miquel. The menu is very short but the food is very well cooked and with very fresh ingredients. It's very well priced, and the staff couldn't be friendlier. The cook is a philosopher who always has a sentence to make you think. The waiter who is preparing the food is efficient and friendly. Highly recommended!!!
15:09 07 Feb 24
Very good, and great attention! Really recommended
Joan Pons MayosJoan Pons Mayos
10:19 02 Feb 24
Possibly the best shawarma I have ever eaten but the street is hidden, it was difficult for me to find.
ignacio marzoignacio marzo
12:39 01 Feb 24
Simply spectacular
Luis MuñozLuis Muñoz
14:11 26 Jan 24
This place is a gem, the shawarma is delicious and of quality, great BIO soft drinks and the cooks transmit a joy that is priceless.
Paula G.Paula G.
13:25 26 Jan 24
Highly recommended! The best shawarma in Barcelona!
Daniel VelázquezDaniel Velázquez
14:20 25 Jan 24
The best shawarma of my life, seriously. Cuisine made with love and with very good quality products. The boss, Saalem, reminds me a little of the idea I have of the wise older Arab man. While I was in line to pay, he started telling stories about the mathematicians of Baghdad back in the day. A very very pleasant experience with incredible food. 100% recommend
Juan RomeroJuan Romero
13:28 24 Jan 24
The place where you will try the best shawarma of your life, but you will have to wait to get it. The service is slow, but it's worth it
Jordi FabraJordi Fabra
14:27 23 Jan 24
Aya AjamiAya Ajami
22:27 13 Dec 23
The sweet owner salem, will greet you warmly at the window of his shawerma shop, he is full of charachter and so is his veal shawerma sandwich,I would definitely order the hummus and falafel too as a side dish.
Page GrahamPage Graham
12:00 10 Oct 23
Fantastic food, including a vegetarian falafal wrap with hummus. Very friendly.
Sebastián VelázquezSebastián Velázquez
20:20 11 Mar 23
More than just a dining experience!It is definitely the best shawarma in town.- Excellent quality- No reservations taken- Delicious shawarma- Exquisite baklavas- Be patient. You’ll probably need to wait in line for 30 mins approximately.- Very friendly staff.- Slightly more expensive than other shawarma places.
Caitlin RCaitlin R
06:13 06 Oct 22
Needed a quick place for lunch and this place was extremely close to where I was located. The guy who worked there was very sweet and spoke enough English for me to order. He even gave me a spoonful of hummus while I was waiting in line. He makes each wrap right then and there in front of you. So if there are a lot of people in line in front of you just know its all being made in the moment. So it could take a while. I was lucky to only have three people ahead of me. I ordered a shawarma wrap and hummus. It was delicious and perfect for lunch. I couldn’t finish my whole wrap and hummus. If your a small girl you and definitely share with a friend. They also have falafel for my veggie friends.10/10
Ali Raza AshrafAli Raza Ashraf
00:40 09 Apr 21
Yummy shawarma, very humble staff. Neat, tidy & wide place. Reasonable prices & food is Halal. Sometime you have to wait long for your turn but completely worth it ☺️

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Destaca por su shawarma de carne de pavo marinada en especias y cocida lentamente, alabado por su jugosidad y toques de canela, así como por sus falafel caseros y hummus.

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